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Establishing a local heat and energy supply with custom-made contracting solutions

Customised solutions

Our main focus is on customised contracting solutions in the energy sector in Germany. Regardless of constructing in Germany, planning and establishing an energy solution or the settling of energy costs with owners and tenants, we convince our customers with innovative strategies and ideas, custom-made solutions and made-to-measure contracts.

Our customers

Our customers are mostly housing construction and property management companies, private property owners and numerous commercial and industrial companies. Public facilities such as schools, leisure facilities and hospitals also rely on our specialists for heating and cooling.

Our portfolio

We are one of the five largest contracting companies in Germany.

Our present 1,100 decentralized heating and cooling systems includes an thermal capacity of around 620 MW and an electrical generating capacity of 20 MW. In 2022, we delivered approximately 730 GWh of heat/cold and 100 GWh of power to our customers.

In addition to, we operates seven biogas production plants, of which four feed biomethane into the public natural gas grid. The biomethane produced by our plants is used in our CHP plants.

150 employees generate an annual turnover of around 130 million Euro in 2022. 



Our services

Planning and development

We achieve your future-proof heat supply through an individual analysis of your requirements, taking into account possible subsidies.


We relieve your budget and take over all necessary investments of your plant engineering.


Your personal project manager organizes the construction of your heating and cooling system and the necessary grids. If required, we can also dismantle and professionally dispose of your old system.

24/7 incident management

Your supply is secured by us. In the event of an incident, we offer an 24/7 services. We ensure that the fault is rectified as quickly as possible.


Your personal system manager ensures optimal operation. In addition to, we take care of the maintenance, repair and improvement of your systems. Of course, continuous system monitoring is also part of our range of services.

Heat billing

Your heat billing is no longer a problem for you. We take over the preparation of the billing with your tenants for cold, hot water as well as heating. We also take care of the installation of the necessary measuring devices.
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